The New New (Just in time for MMXIX!)

A few months ago I pledged to get back into blogging more regularly. And it kiiinda worked, but uh… yikes. Earlier this month Tumblr released their new community guidelines and I figure whether or not my work would ever be censored it’s clearly a deal breaker for enough people that Tumblr has essentially committed suicide.

So with that said, welcome to my new blog! It’s gonna be a lot like the old one, but I have a few ideas for some new uses for it, and the site in general, that I’m excited to try out.

I hope your holiday season has been as not terrible as possible, and I’ll see youse in 2019!

✦ ✦ ✦
I’ve been listening to Julius Brockington’s Forty Nine Reasons a lot lately. Maybe you’ll like it too.

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