Ten (and Twelve) Year Challenge

One of my favorite things to do is reinterpret my own old art and characters. Part of it is a challenge: I want to see how much I've developed and often how different I can make the new version while maintaining recognizability. Another part of it is ego. I mean, look at this super cool thing I drew that one time! Now look at this even better version of it!

I've always done this to some extent, but in the past few months I've been doing it almost exclusively. Both because I was able to recover a buuuunch of art from an old hard drive, which got the old brain working, and because it's easy. It allows me to be more purely an artist and in the moment. Not thinking about character motivation, where it fits in a given story, etc.

So instead of showing you my dumb 2009 face compared to my dumb 2019 face, I did this:

Sveta in the Asterion Sea is another reinterpretation of an old piece of art, and the last project I completed in 2018. This one is notable in that it's based on my first attempt at animation. The original Sveta was drawn with Sharpies on four sheets of copy paper. I scanned the images and took a video of me scrolling through them on my computer's photo viewer while playing music. I did the same thing with the version from 2013, except that one was drawn in Photoshop. 2018 marks the first time I've used any real video editing software to assist. It was drawn in Clip Studio.

✦ ✦ ✦
The listens on this old Sam Hatzaras mix for International Tapes are limited, but it’s all old synth compositions and I love it. BRB I’m gonna go track down all these recordings.


Alejandro Bruzzese