Redesigning Captain Marvel

Hiii! Have you guys seen Captain Marvel yet? (Don’t worry, I’m not gonna spoil anything.) Well, I did! And it was pretty great.

But… While I’ve always loved Jamie McKelvie’s design (and Kris Anka’s revision) for the character, I did not love this movie’s take on it. Yeah, movies tend to busy up the suits, but this is… a lot. And it breaks up the nice solid shapes too much, which is a big reason that the comics version works so well.

So of course it got me thinking about what I’d do with the character. After a few terrible sketches I realized that the current comics look is pretty much perfect as is, and I might as well try to go in a completely different direction. because why not?

I began with the chest symbol. Danvers’ shining star is cool, but it’s not really hers, is it? The shape pops up a lot. So I combined it with a take on the old fat M from Marvel’s 80s/90s logo. The suit itself is inspired by the old 60s Kree military uniforms, which are just the best. When I redesign a character I like to focus on the original look, when possible, and see if I can come up with an updated version that feels iconic. So I basically kept the color blocks from the old uniforms and filled them in with Danvers’ classic red, gold, & blue.

Then I threw in some extra bits, especially around the gloves and face. Mainly because it looks cool, but also to imply that this suit has layers. It’s meant to look like a soft armor space suit. Her hair is white as a nod to Mar-Vell, and I drew her beefy because I was inspired by Anka’s rendition. But really, muscles are just fun to draw.

Below is the final design and a Kree uniform alternate cuz because. The chest symbol was changed for the Kree version also, because c’mon. A ringed planet is just too easy.

✦ ✦ ✦
I’ve been listening to a lot of Mozart lately, especially The Magic Flute. Here’s Diana Damrau’s incredible performance of the Queen of the Night Aria.

Alejandro Bruzzese