This is the Liberty Jack, intended as a theoretical new flag for the United States of America.

The torch of liberty is the only symbol of ours I could think of whose meaning hasn’t been tangled up in oppression and fear. We’re a nation of immigrants, and it was given to us by another country. It’s a symbol that’s meant to unite, as is doesn’t apply to any one group of people but to the best of us individually. The ‘tricolor’ design is meant to tie us thematically to the flags of our closest neighbors Mexico and Canada. The two shades of blue represent us putting our dark past behind us and moving on to a brighter day (as well as the positions of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans). I wanted to soften the red up a little to associate it more with passion than aggression.

Far less idealistic is this redesigned flag for New York City. The X's are the boroughs (taken from the flag of Amsterdam), the white circle represents a unified city, and the blue represents the rivers & ocean surrounding it. NYC's colors have always been orange, white, and blue, which comes from the old Dutch East India Company flag.